Re: xNF Security Requirements for HTTPS

Pawel Baniewski (Nokia)


  1. Certificate Validation is described in RFC 5280, chapter 6.
    1. No need to add info about HTTPS tunnel as only HTTPS is planned to be supported
    2. xNF’s certificate is required only for mutual TLS (mTLS)
  3. No, because N-3 describes client side (xNF) logic, while O-4 describes server side processing





During the last call (16th of July) there was a misunderstanding how server challenges client in client certificate authentication flow. It was told that when server challenges client to present client’s certificate it can’t fall back to Basic Auth and that is why every listening component needs to open TWO ports. But in fact all modern web-servers support usually two options:

·         Require Client Cert – yes/no

·         Fail if client doesn’t present own certificate – yes/no


In NGINX e.g. these two options are bundled and configured by one property -

In Apache httpd the same story - &&

The same in Spring Boot -

The same in Tomcat -


In such case, VES can open one port and require client cert = yes + don’t fail if client cert not present to fall back to Basic Authentication.


In other words, we can remove from auth.method two options: basicAuth and certOnly and change VES listener to behave as certBasicAuth by default. And in code check that when client presents cert, but also presents user/pass – do whatever we want – fail or choose cert. For development purpose, we can switch auth.method to noAuth.

This will simplify requirements, implementation and the most important – clients (xNF’s) won’t have to know how server (VES) is configured.





Pawel Baniewski


Nokia Mobile Networks  BTSOAM Serviceability ARCH Tribe Architect


mobile: +48 728 361 386


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Many thnaks for this new version of the document.


Here are a few remarks :

  • what are the criteria to determine whether a certificate is valid or not?
  • for the alternative O-3:
    • it should reminded that basic authentication credentials are sent within an HTTPS tunnel.
    • how is established this tunnel between xNF and DCAE if the xNF does not have a certificate?
  • isn't there a contradiction between N-3 and O-4:
    • N-3: If the xNF is using Certificate Authentication, then the xNF MUST NOT use Basic Authentication for authenticating HTTPS connections to the DCAE Event Listener.
      Note:  xNF fallback from certificate authentication to basic authentication is not allowed.
    • O-4: If auth.method = certBasicAuth, DCAE VES Event Listener MUST authenticate the HTTPS client as follows:

o    1.       For a client with a valid certificate, DCAE VES Event Listener MUST pass the client authentication and MUST use the Subject Name in the certificate as the client identity for authorization according to RFC 5280.

2.       For a client with no or an invalid certificate and with correct basic authentication credentials, DCAE VES Event Listener MUST pass the client authentication and MUST use the username in the Authorization header as the client identity for authorization.

3.       For a client with no or an invalid certificate and with no or incorrect basic authentication credentials, DCAE VES Event Listener MUST fail the client authentication.


==> indeed the N-3 forbids the basic authentication in case the client certificate is invalid whereas the 0-4 enables the fallback to basic authentication in case the certificate is invalid.


Best regards







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Updated version of the security requirements for HTTPS authentication enhancements are on the wiki here.

They are at the bottom of the page and dated July 23 2019.


These will be reviewed at the meeting on Tue July 30 at 8 am ET.  WebEx info is below.

To be discussed whether we can remove the noAuth option for HTTPS authentication.


Thank you!


Linda S. Horn, DMTS

Cloud RAN Solution Definition and Architecture

Mobile Networks, Nokia

Phone:  +1-908-679-6580


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Subject: xNF Security Requirements for HTTPS
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