Re: VNF Security Requirements Refresh for El Alto - 2019/9/5 Meeting Minutes

Tony Hansen

And there’s a general requirement that non-secure protocols (e.g. HTTP) MUST be disabled by default.




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Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 11:36 AM
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Subject: RE: [Onap-seccom] VNF Security Requirements Refresh for El Alto - 2019/9/5 Meeting Minutes


Yes, there is a separate requirement that the VNF and PNF MUST support HTTPS to DCAE.  VNFRQTS-687



Linda S. Horn, DMTS

Cloud RAN Solution Definition and Architecture

Mobile Networks, Nokia

Phone:  +1-908-679-6580


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Subject: RE:[Onap-seccom] VNF Security Requirements Refresh for El Alto - 2019/9/5 Meeting Minutes


Hi all,


As agreed i come back to you regarding the statements above.

Do you confirm that the basic authentication relies on HTTPS?

If confirmed, it is OK for us.



Natacha Mach


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Objet : RE: [Onap-seccom] VNF Security Requirements Refresh for El Alto - 2019/9/5 Meeting Minutes

Dear Seccom,



After initial community feedback, we have decided to take a softer position on these three HTTPS requirements. This for faster reaching an alignment in the community. For not using too much time of the SECCOM meeting today, I will instead send this suggested updates over mail prior to the meeting.



·       VNFRQTS-692

o  Proposed modification:

§ VNF or PNF MUST support one of the following authentication methods for authenticating HTTPS connections to the DCAE VES Event Listener:
- The preferred method is certificate authentication
- The non-preferred option is Basic authentication

o  Reason: In the current formulation of the HTTPS requirements it is not clear that certificate authentication is the primary solution. We are suggesting a clearer formulation that Basic Auth or Certificate Auth must be supported.

·       VNFRQTS-693

o  Proposed modification:

§ If the VNF or PNF is using Certificate Authentication, the VNF or PNF MUST support mutual TLS authentication and the Subject Name in the end-entity certificate MUST be used according to RFC 5280.

o  Reason: Removal of conditional related to DCAE VES Event Listener as it should also be the case for interacting with other ONAP components. New proposal is to keep that it does only apply if certificate auth. is used.

·       VNFRQTS-694

o  Proposed modification

§ If VNF or PNF is using Basic Authentication, then the VNF or PNF MUST be in compliance with RFC 7617 for authenticating HTTPS connections to the DCAE VES Event Listener.

o  Reason: Initial proposal was to remove this requirement. Removal seems not to be an option in the community. Suggestion is instead to modify this requirement as above, hence it does only apply if basic auth. is supported by the xNF. This is a similar formulation as in 693.



Best regards,

Hampus Tjäder




Datalinjen 4

58330, Linköping, Sweden

Mobile: +46 107113292





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Subject: Re: [Onap-seccom] VNF Security Requirements Refresh for El Alto - 2019/9/5 Meeting Minutes


Linda Horn provided a status update for the VNF certificate requirements

1.      The review period is over

2.      Many have added +1 to the comments for  VNFRQTS-687, VNFRQTS-688, VNFRQTS-689, VNFRQTS-690, VNFRQTS-691

3.      The requirements allow both certificate and basic authentication

VNFRQTS-692: Ericsson position is that VNF MUST support certification authentication (currently a SHOULD)
VNFRQTS-693: Ericsson position is that the conditional should be removed
VNFRQTS-694: Ericsson asked to remove and have no requirement to support basic auth
This will be taken to the larger SECCOM meeting on 9/10

Configuration and monitoring requirements

1.      We completed a revision of the requirements for monitoring the configuration of a VNF

2.      Review the Jiras attached to VNFRQTS-456 (parent jira) and provide comments and +/-1 by 13 Sept.



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Subject: VNF Security Requirements Refresh for El Alto
When: Thursday, September 05, 2019 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).
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Scheduling a series of recurring meetings to refresh the VNF security requirements as part of the El Alto release. Please forward the invitation to others in your organization who should participate.

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