M3 Checklist Updates

Amy Zwarico

On the 2019-09-17 SECCOM call we discussed updates to the M3 checklist for CII badging requirements. Two other additions to the checklist were suggested.

·         Require projects to enable authentication on all interfaces

·         Require projects to implement hardening features – SECCOM will provide a list of the hardening requirements

I have added the three new questions to the M3 checklist on the ONAP security recommendation development page. The new entries are highlighted in blue.


Pawel Baniewski has agreed to provide a list of hardening features, and Jonathan Gathman sent out requirements for hardening access to databases.


Please provide feedback for the three new requirements.


​​​​​Amy Zwarico, LMTS

Chief Security Office / Emerging Services Security

AT&T Services

(205) 613-1667


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