Re: Jira Cleanup

Pierre Close

Hello Amy,


My personal opinion:


  • 54, 56, 62, 86, 90 are probably worth investigating further, especially 56, 62 and 90 to formalize what is/might be existing.
  • I have the feeling that 89 is a combination of 56 and 62, but I might be wrong.


As for the others:


  • 6: as discussed, possibly a huge work that would be trying to catch up endlessly
  • 18: covered by the xNF requirements that were defined?
  • 26: related to security scans we discussed recently? I mean, would this SECCOM-26 help for security scans requirement?
  • 40: honestly, nothing I can remember of


Comments are welcome


Best regards,



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We are cleaning up the SECCOM Jira. Please review the following tickets which have no owners and indicate whether you think that SECCOM should identify an owner to work on the ticket (+1) or close the ticket as something that SECCOM should not pursue (-1).



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