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Pierre Close



That’s a good question. But your explanation makes sense to me: when a new Sonar scan is run it probably overrides the result of the previous one, causing those counters to reset…  Additionally, what is considered “new code”? Is a configuration file change seen as new code?


I’ll try to look for an explanation from my colleagues and come back to you when I got an answer (or maybe the LF knows?)


In the meantime, since the feature seems available in the tool, we might want to consider binding the “new code coverage” objective to the tool – in other words, if the feature is usable and gives what we expect, we could start monitoring it.


Would that make sense?


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I’ve used the sonar high level reports, but never drilled into detail. It looks as if we can look at metrics for new code. Pierre, are the numbers coming up 0 because we run the Sonar jobs as part of Jenkins?



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I have updated the ticket with a link to Sonar coverage stats – this might help reach part of the coverage goals.


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