FW: [CII-badges] The "maintained" criterion has been added to the production site!

Tony Hansen

On 4/11/2021, 2:59 PM, "CII-badges@lists.coreinfrastructure.org on behalf of David A. Wheeler" <CII-badges@lists.coreinfrastructure.org on behalf of dwheeler@linuxfoundation.org> wrote:

The CII Best Practices production (“real”) site has a new criterion, “maintained”.
My thanks to the many who provided excellent feedback through this process.

FYI, the CII badging system now has a criterion in the passing level called "maintained". This will allow us to mark those ONAP projects that we have placed in the "unmaintained" category.

We'll also be able to remove these automatically from the CII dashboard that we maintain.


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