Using Java 11 - AAF Exploration

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  I have wanted to upgrade beyond JDK 8 for some time, so, given SECCOM is going to look at this on Tues, I thought I would do some exploration.


  1. No Alpine (sortof)
    1. I have been using openjdk:8-jre-alpine, as a minimal Container with Java (which is all AAF needs)
    2. There was no openjdk:11-jre-alpine or other variant that I could find for JDK 11

                                                      i.      Looking around the web, it seems they gave up on that, but did create openjdk:12-jdk-alpine, and I think some for jdk 13.

                                                    ii.      IMPLICATIONS:  We might want to say “At least JDK 11” rather than “Specifically JDK 11”

  1. XML (J2EE) libs removed.
    1. AAF uses javax classes to provide XML as well as JSON to every API interface.
    2. JAVAX was removed from the JDK in about 9 (or after 9).  Regardless, it’s not in the regular JDK.
    3. HOWEVER, I found someone had solved, and simply adds these Maven Dependencies where needed:












Once I figured these two things out, and rebuilt, AAF (Helm) ran perfectly with initial Tests.


We can discuss on Tues what others have found as well.



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