2019 Seccom Election Preparation - Due Nov 27.

Kenny Paul

In preparation for the 2019 Vice-Chair election I have done some clean up to the existing membership table Security Sub-committee Members.  Only entry from last year still corresponded to an email addresses that is not found on the onap-seccom mailing list and has been removed.


SPECIAL NOTE >>> Currently the Seccom Chair and Vice-Chair elections are offset due to the original election occurring in the fall of 2018 and the special Chair election occurring in February of this year.  The subcommittee may want to consider asking the TSC for a one-time deferral to align the Chair and Vice-Chair elections.


In the meantime… 

Your careful attention is required- deadline is end of day pacific time on November 27th:

If you consider yourself a member of the subcommittee the most important thing to do is please update the Membership page above, making sure that your email address matches the one you used to subscribe to the mailing list.   When correct, add an “X” in the Verified 2019 column.  Do this even if you are not the voting representative from your company.   


Any lines that have a blank Verified 2019 column will be removed from the Membership table after the 27th.

  • If you have a co-worker that is out of the office, or you know someone on the list has left the company, feel free to make any updates on their behalf.
  • If there is more than one person from your company please select one Delegate to vote.  If no delegate is selected the LF will assign the voting member using the order of precedence listed in the green section at the top.
  • After the 27th the Membership table will be cleaned up.
  • The call for nominations will be distributed shortly thereafter.
  • The Nomination phase lasts 4 business days
  • The Election phase lasts 4 business days


Details of the subcommittee election process can be found here: