Install Onap Amsterdam docker Image Not Found

Kenny Paul

Hi Changjun,
Forwarding this to the onap-users list where folks much smarter tha]n myself may be able to assist. :-)

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From: "灼冰" <310397125@...>
Subject: Install Onap Amsterdam docker Image Not Found
Date: March 22, 2018 at 1:10:05 AM PDT
To: "kpaul" <kpaul@...>

I have some problem on setting up onap Amsterdam and need some help, thank you

I set up full onap Amsterdam, reffered to the next link

I create all the vms and they seems goes well, but actually when I run 'docker ps' in the vms, the docker didn't run.

then I ran the install shell step by step, but I found when I download the docker image, some images not found.

for example:

I didn't find 'portal-sdk' for 'onap-portal', and I didn't find 'champ-service' and 'crud-service' for 'onap-aai-inst1'

the others for the two vms can be found and pulled well

I also checked the image website and get nothing about the missing images.

did the images deleted by someone? how can I solved this to set up onap?

any help is appreciated.