New Cassablanca install - issues with VFC

Koyle, John

Unfortunately this environment is internal.  I've deployed everything as described using helm - a version list follows below.  I did try upgrading the following vfc components (db/vnflcm/nslcm/generic-vnfm-driver/catalog) from v1.2.1 -> v1.2.2 (2018-11-30 release), but this made no difference.

# helm list
NAME                    REVISION        UPDATED                         STATUS          CHART               NAMESPACE
onap                    77              Wed Jun 26 14:05:23 2019        DEPLOYED        onap-3.0.0              onap
onap-vfc                1               Wed Jun 26 14:05:59 2019        DEPLOYED        vfc-3.0.0               onap

I believe this is further narrowed down to something IPv6 related (likely env related, as I've not intentionally setup ipv6).  If I use curl -4 http://msb-iag/api/microservices/v1/services the request never fails.  Removing the -4 param and it fails about 30-50% of the time.


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Hi John,


From your analysis for the problems, it seems DNS issue .


In order to better locate the problem, can you tell me the version of vfc and oom you are using ? We will try to reproduce the problem, if your env is public, you can also send me the env information I can login and check the reason.





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I spent a bit more time with this, and the issue seems container specific and DNS related.


Connecting to one of the failing VFC containers and trying to curl http://msb-iag/api/microservices/v1/services fails about 30-40% of the time with the following error:


# curl http://msb-iag/api/microservices/v1/services

curl: (6) Could not resolve host: msb-iag


Doing a tcpdump on the dns requests show only checks to the host - without the domain search suffix .onap.svc.cluster.local.  Presumably the failing for the the MySQL connections is the same issue.



Interestingly enough, I spun up a simple busybox container in the same cluster, and using wget to the same URL above there are never any name resolution failures.






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Thank you John for reaching us.

Yan is our ONAP VFC PTL.



Can you please look at this issue?


Many thanks & regards



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I'm new to Onap setup/config but I've nearly got everything is up and running within a virtualized k8s cluster.  A number of the VFC pods are throwing the same errors when the startup.


vfc-catalog/vfc-nslcm/vnflcm/vnfmgr all log the following (trimmed errors)


2019-06-24 22:27:09|||||||140440895162112||call_req||ERROR||Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/service/vfc/nfvo/lcm/lcm/pub/utils/", line 70, in call_req

    raise ex

ServerNotFoundError: Unable to find the server at msb-iag



  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pymysql/", line 963, in connect

    raise exc

django.db.utils.OperationalError: (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'vfc-db' ([Errno -2] Name or service not known)")



the vfc-db is up/running - in fact, if I exec into the container I can curl msb-iag and use the mysql client to connect to the db using the credentials (and also see the schema has been deployed).


The error seems to indicate a dns/resolution issue - but I have no issues after execing into the container.  In fact, if I kill the processes and restart manually the services appear to start (at least Django comes up and the service binds to the port.)


Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.