OOM Beijing installation via OOM/Kubernetes fails for portal-db-job

Stavros <stavros.kanarakis@...>

Hello all,
I am trying to bring up Beijing ONAP in a Kubernetes cluster but I am faciing several component failures.
I am using the OOM/Helm approach and I am based on the "2.0.0-ONAP" Git tag version of gerrit OOM repo.

One of the failures is for the portal-db-job. The containers for this job expect to find the "portal" database name in the portal-db POD that is hosting MariaDB.
However, if I login to that POD and execute a 'show databases' inside MariaDB console, I see that all the required tables have been installed in a database named as "ecomp_sdk". The tables are there, it is just that another database name is used.

As a result, portal-db-job keeps failing and restarting job PODs continuously.
From what I see, the SQL file containing the 'USE portal;' command that jobs execute is found in portal/deliveries/Apps_Users_OnBoarding_Script.sql
It is also found in a yaml file but that is easy to correct. The problem is with the portal repo SQL file.

Is there a way to overcome this problem? Is it a bug for Beijing release and OOM? Has anyone else encountered this issue?