VF/Service configure parameters


I don't know where I can ask a few questions about configure parameters on VF/Service creation. if this kinds of question is not appropriate to here, please let me know the right address.

I'm a newcomer to this community and I'm hoping to master this great tool eventually.
Now that setting up an environment, I have started to learn on how to set up the initial parameters for VNFs.
It is a bit confusing that there are several ways to configure or change such parameters according to the instructions in the design-time user guide.
like this:
1. Resource-Onboarding
1.1. Add Heat archive(zip/csar) that has parameters at VSP Creation section
1.2. Update above heat at VSP Update section
1.3. Configure at VFCs associated with a VSP, such as the Hypervisor, VM recovery details, and cloning at Update VFCs in a VSP section
2. VF Creation and Testing
2.1. Update VF/PNF deployment artifacts (for example, the contents of the, which contains the Heat volume template, the VF license, etc.) at Deployment Artifacts section,
2.2. Update/add VF/PNF deployment artifacts at Compose section
2.3. Update input parameters(such as Network interfaces address, pub_key, flavor_name etc.) at Properties Assignment section
3. Service Creation
3.1. Update/add VF/PNF deployment artifacts at Compose section(same as VF Creation and Testing)
4. Instantiate VF-module
4.1. SDNC-preload is required to run A La Carte mode, above parameters will be overwritten by setting key-values in vnf-parameters

My question is:
1. What are exactly the differences between parameters in the each sections?
I tried to do 4.1. and it worked. But 3.1. didn't work.
2. How users can change heat/env file in a TOSCA artifact?
Is it correct to think that when updating the heat/env file in a VF/VNF deployment artifact, users can update the heat/env file in the TOSCA artifact?

For parameter updates, VFC Updates in the VSP [optional] section navigates how to update existing VFC parameters associated with the VSP. However, the [Checkout] button is not displayed on the VSP general page. As a result, users cannot update them.

Yukihiro Kishimoto