OASIS word draft document in gerrit

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Hi Maopeng,


The OASIS documents are widely available on OASIS web side and thus it is not required to have a copy in OPEN-O Source Code Management System.

It is my understanding that other standard in used with our community are not in OPEN-O Source Code Management System.

We should simply state in our working document (wiki, arch doc, Jira,…) which documents are the reference, along with a link to the doc in OASIS.


By adopting this approach, in case changes happen on the standard, we will know about it. On the long term that is preventing us using a doc that may become obsolete.


I do recommend to abort the commit.





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hi gildas


   In the modeling project, I think we should record the document that we are using in the whole project to avoid the misunderstanding.

  so I upload the document.  If all of us think it is not necessary, I can abort the commit.





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OASIS word draft document in gerrit


Coming from a third party (OASIS)

1)      Still in a draft status


I am wondering what is the value of having these docs in Gerrit while they are still in draft mode, easily editable and widely available on Internet.


[1] https://gerrit.open-o.org/r/#/c/12931/

[2] https://gerrit.open-o.org/r/#/c/12929/






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