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        There are the NS/VNF Package state diagrams in ETSI NFV, please consider them as a reference.


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Hi Olga, Alex and all,

This is the state Machine for service template in Catalog to kick off the discussion:

Start: null

Draft: Service template is created at model Designer, but not finished.

Created: Service template design is finished.

on-boared: Service template is on-boared, which means:

  for vnf package,

a. Checking for the existence of mandatory elements.

b. Validating integrity and authenticity of the VNFD using manifest file and manifest file security received

in VNFD.

c. NFVO makes VM images available to each applicable VIM using the operation Add Image of the VNF

Software Image Management interface. It is expected that the VIM validates the integrity of VNF software

images(s) as part of this operation

  for ns template

a. Validate the integrity and authenticity of NSD, The security information needed for validation may be

provided as part of NSD.

b. Checking presence of VNF Package for the VNFs that are part of the Network Service.

c. Checking for the existence of mandatory elements.

d. Checking the presence of needed external interfaces required to provide the Network Service, in the VNF

Descriptors of the VNFs that are part of the Network Service.

Disabled:Service Template is disabled and can't be instantiated any further.

DeletionPending:If service template is disabled and still in use, it will be marked as deletionpending after receiving a delete request. 

End: deleted



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主 题 :[openo-tsc] OPEN-O TSC Meeting Notes



Please find below the meeting notes for today’s TSC meeting.

For your convenience, meeting minutes are also posted in OPEN-O Wiki at

TSC Meeting venue: TSC Meeting on January 3, 2017
34participants. Meeting started at 6:32  am PDT and was adjourned at 7:33 am PST.

Happy New Year.


1.     Review of Common Tosca project backlog (Arthur, Huabing)

2.     Review of Common Services project backlog (Huabing)

3.     Review of Mercury Release Plan (Chris, Gildas)

Common TOSCA (Huabing)

·         Catalog. Service template. need further  discussion on status (draft, deprecated,...) To continue discussion in mailing list (Huabing, Alex, Olga)

·         Model Designer. Alex asked to consider  adding some rework for MD to make it usable for VNF suppliers.

·         API incoming and outgoing are defined

·         Resources is the same of for Sun Release

·         Integration testing need to be discussed further with Helen

·         Inventory

Common TOSCA (Arthur)

·         Parser + workflow: work in progress by Arthur. Slides deck and Story and epic in JIRA to be finalized later this week.

·         The TOSCA graph based Execution Engine is a must for VNFSDK dry run project. Arthur to discuss further with team before committing.

·         Request from Helen to add integration plan.

Common Services (Huabing)

·         Scope along with MVP are available in wiki.

·         Database: goal is to facilitate adoption of OPEN-O by removing barrier such as licensing of mysql. Proposal to adopt a layer for multiple type of DB.  Huabing to start discussion on mailing list.

Mercury Release Plan

·         Gildas presented new release dates (intermediate milestones and Final release date). New plan need to be presented to the board the week of Jan 9. Chris  will follow up on mailing list with PTL for Go/NoGo decision.

Action Item Summary:

  1. Huabing: To continue discussion on Service template in mailing list (with Alex and Olga)

  2. Huabing: Integration testing further discussion (with Helen)

  3. Arthur: To finalized slide deck for Common Tosca and enter epic+story in JIRA

  4. Arthur: To communicate decision on TOSCA graph based Execution Engine scope.

  5. Arthur: Request from Helen to add integration plan.

  6. Huabing: to propose a layer solution for multiple DBs. Continue discussion in wiki.

  7. Chris: Get Go-NoGo from PTLs on Mercury release date.

Closing remark:

·         New Practices for Mercury release and expectations for M1 are posted in wiki:

o    Using Jira ScrumBoard is  Mandatory for all Projects 

o    At M1, PTL must create Backlog (Epic,  Story) in Jira. Backlog must be prioritized. Refer to "JIRA how to?" for step by step procedure for managing Jira.

o    For each Sprint, Community (team member) must create Tasks in  JIRA. Step by step procedure are available.

Let me know if you have any questions.






Gildas Lanilis

OPEN-O Release Manager


Mobile: 1 415 238 6287